The quality of a drug is based on its safety and efficacy. Safety of a drug is a condition of being able to use a drug with a very small probability of causing unjustified or unforeseen toxic effects. On the other hand, efficacy is a capacity of a drug to produce the expected results. Industry best practices and government regulations are necessary to control the supply of safe and efficacious medicines. It is the pharmaceutical professionals who are knowledgeable in these areas are essential to ensure the quality of these drugs. Right expertise and continued education is key to ensure and maintain these attributes of pharmaceutical products.

At PharScite, we are driven by our knowledge, guided by our values and excelled by our experience.

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Powered by knowledge

We derive our strength from knowledge and are driven by that power.


Guided by Values

We have a strong belief in that quality must be built into a product or service.


Excelled by Experience

The right expertise at the right time is key to success.

Services We Provide

Professional development, appropriate information technology and limited outsourcing of regulatory services is key to success for pharmaceutical industry

Professional Development

PharScite and CfPA have been educating and training pharmaceutical professionals for the last 50 years

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Information Technology Solutions

We provide QMS softwares to end-to-end SAP solutions to bring efficiency and compliance to your organization

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Regulatory Services

From regulatory intelligence to strategy to submissions, we have brought regulatory success to our clients

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We help our clients make significant choices to realize their most important goals


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