Professional Development

Professional development and career advancement are critically important to both the organization they serve and the professionals themselves. The knowledge and skills required for an evolving industry are beyond the scope of a formal degree program. Therefore, it is mutually beneficial for pharmaceutical professionals as well as the employers to take advantage of well thought out programs both at the start of their professional career and as they grow within the organization.

The professionals at PharScite and CfPA have been educating and providing pharmaceutical professionals with the topical and new subject matters for the last 50 years. Whether it is an open forum or a corporate program, we transfer the knowledge in the most professional way and in the appropriate format.


Information Technology Solutions

There are many different types of information technology that support the pharmaceutical industry to improve efficiency, accuracy and decision making as well as to remain in compliance. These systems deals with data and information, their storage, retrieval and use prior to, during and post operational decision making. Today, many software solutions are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the more common ones are ERP, LIMS and QMS. Appropriate selection and implementation of these technologies are critical to the success of an organization as it is growing. We identify the right solutions and work with the organization to facilitate implementation.

We provide QMS software to end-to-end SAP solutions to bring efficiency and compliance to your organization.


Regulatory Services

Getting a new drug approved by the regulatory authority is as important as the discovery of the new molecule. Our regulatory solutions help to advance drug development, submissions to regulatory authorities and ensure compliance throughout the product life cycle. Services include regulatory strategy, intelligence, submissions and due diligence. Our expertise covers many therapeutic areas and various technology and dosage forms.

Specific projects may include any one or all of the following: regulatory intelligence, regulatory pathway viability and requirements, pre-submission gap analysis, FDA meeting requests, preparations and presentations, preparation, publishing and submissions to FDA.